Branch Events- 2008


Executive Committee Meeting

Following Dr. Sokolosky's presentation to the Branch at the SSM-Coggins Club, on the 3rd of December, the Executive Committee met to discuss and decide on the following:

  • Dates for mixed dining events in 2009 (see inside)
  • Confirm the speaker schedule for the first half of 2009
  • Review progress on the Cadet Records Project
  • Discuss ways and means to make the high school awards program more relevant
  • Approve the formation of a heritage and traditions group within the branch to provide support to the Commandant
  • Date for the AGM-May 6, to be separate from the Spring Formal
  • Slate of Branch Executive Officers for proposal at the AGM

December Branch Lunch

Our speaker was Dr Joel Sokolosky, Principal of RMC, who brought a near-record turnout for the Branch. We were delighted to hear of the progress in standards at RMC and the growth in stature of our unique model of military education. Dr Sokolosky spoke about the nature of the staff, the number of visiting scholars, the fact that 10 academic staff at the Staff College in Toronto report to him as Principal of RMC, as well as the teaching staff of St. Jean.

As RMC is becoming an important model for other countries to examine, visiting delegations are treated to an in-depth briefing, and there will be an opportunity for the branch members to hear this in the RMC Senate Chamber following the February 4th branch luncheon.


November Branch Lunch - November 12

 Lieutenant-Colonel R.R.(Rod) McDonald, CD, MA, RMC Registrar, was kept long after his allotted speaking time as branch members peppered him with questions following his update on policies, issues surrounding cadet recruiting, induction, and service selection


Kingston Branch Fall Formal - November 5

The fall mixed formal dinner was an interesting mix of tradition and a new twist - dinner music provided by the RMC Stage Band. Over 80 branch members and partners  and guests enjoyed the swinging music of the band during dinner after being piped to the table by a cadet piper, who also stayed to pipe in the Port.

The usual toasts were presented by branch members. The head table guests included Peter Milliken, MP, Mary Darlington - recently inducted as an honorary member of the RMC Club, and the Commandant, BGen Tom Lawson who in an unusual display of talent entertained the crowd with a bagpipe selection before providing an update on changes and progress at the College.



October 1  - Sgt. Curtis White & the RMC Aboriginal Program,        ALOY - Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year


Those attending this luncheon were delighted to hear the details of the ALOY program, described by Sgt.White, program director. He outlined the purpose of the program, to provide aboriginal youth access to the RMC program and to other leadership programs and opportunities in Canada. The challenges facing aboriginal youth in this program are many, and the 11 men and 11 young women in the program today are expected to become role models for others in their communities. Branch members were fascinated by the concept and the strong presentation by Sgt. White who welcomes input from ex-cadets and invited all to visit him at his program office.

For more information on ALOY, follow this link: ALOY PROGRAM


July 2nd - Captain Adam Bruce addresses Kingston Branch

 Captain Bruce, a squadron commander at RMC,  was our after-lunch speaker, and he described how the life of a cadet has changed since he graduated in the mid-nineties, and how the cadet wing is changing again under the command of BG Tom Lawson.
Many of the branch present  were unaware of just how lax College matters had become, and Adam described the situation then and now. He took a  positive approach, outlining corrective changes in the works, and he left us all with the feeling that the College is actively on the mend. I think we all came away feeling better informed and more hopeful. Adam was besieged by questions during and after the presentation.


The 2nd Annual Summer Banyan -    (aka Summer BBQ, Picnic, party... what-have-you,) was another smashing success with a record turnout.We had a great meal, fine conversation, excellent music for listening and dancing, and NO SPEECHES! The conclusion was fun, we watched the brilliant fireworks display at Fort Henry from the comfort of the SSM lawn! And we'll do it again next year

Ross MacLachlan was a smash hit with those who attended:


Click Here for Banyan photos


Spring Formal Dinner
And Annual General Meeting May 7th

Guest Speaker:          Patricia Howes                                           RMC Head Coach - Fencing                      

Click here for the dinner slideshow!

Patricia Howes and her husband David, were enthusiastically introduced by President Murray to the delight of the audience of 90, which included the Commandant, Brigadier-General Tom Lawson O.M.M., C.D.and his wife Kelly. The RMC fencing team has risen to prominence in Canadian fencing, due to the untiring work of Patricia and her supporting coaches. After a superb dinner, Patricia described her approach to coaching; how she encourages her fencers to focus on going all the way to the top, stating: "Impossible is just a temporary condition." Further, she discounts luck as a success factor with the aphorism; "Luck is the conjunction of preparation and opportunity." We were all struck by her values and depth of commitment which were so evident in her presentation..........."Thanks, Patricia!"

 Annual General Meeting

Held just before dinner on May 7th, the AGM was uneventful. Committee reports were received which showed the Club to be in good financial shape, and our book presentation program on track but in need of donors. President Murray outlined the next step in the student record preservation project, which is to be a working party of club member-volunteers on the 4th of June.

Other Dinner Notes:


April  Branch Luncheon



Mr. Shai Dubey, Chairman of the Kingston Economic Development Council (KEDCO) gave a very interesting and challenging presentation on the importance of the military in the Kingston community. He stressed the importance of all community members cooperating to strengthen the local military-community partnership. He went on to outline some findings of a recent KEDCO study on the nature of military-focused manufacturing and service businesses in the Kingston area, surprising some members on the variety and quality of some of the examples that Mr. Dubey quoted. Some of these businesses are world-class, yet are not able to sell to the Canadian government. The challenge to the group was to help break down the barriers to purchasing from these lesser-known Canadian enterprises.


March Branch Luncheon


Our correspondent was AWOL for this meeting!

February Branch Luncheon

You snowbirds missed another interesting lunch meeting, with a great turnout despite the overnight snowfall!

Maj. Ray Idzenga (retd) told the group of his experiences at ISAF HQ, Kabul, Afghanistan. Ray spoke of his personal feelings and opinions in what is being accomplished there, particularly in the non-combat activities by the PRT's, SAT's and HQ staff. The lesson we took from it was that a little means a lot to the Afghan people, and we should be proud of the Canadian and NATO activities there. THANKS RAY!

OC Patrick Rushowick (Saskatchewan) was our cadet guest for February. He is a CSTO and spoke about the "highs and lows" of cadet life in a very frank and personal manner. Patrick will be a combat engineer on graduation, a course he is following because of the influence of his grandfather who was a combat engineer in WWII. Patrick is a life member of the RMC Club as a result of a program by the National Club to enlist 4th year cadets, and he was thrilled to see the camaraderie of the Branch members.

January Branch Luncheon

The stalwarts were there in strength on what was a windy but warm day. We were joined by s23984 CWC Scott Blakie as our first cadet guest for Branch luncheons. Scott had a good opportunity to rap with many of the Branch greybeards, joined us at the lunch table, and then spoke well to the members on his strong feelings about the College, its new directions, and his support for our cadet guest program. Scott is an Air Force cadet and is taking the Mechanical Engineering program.

CWC Scott Blakie addresses the Branch members


At ease!