Branch Events- 2016

Branch Luncheons and Guest Speakers for 2016:

January 13 Col Bruce Ewing - The Future Plans for the Military Colleges
February 3 Luncheon with partners, Expedition Club
March 2 Luncheon - Cancelled
April 6 Luncheon - Capt. Vanessa Harmon - RMC Squadron Commander
May 5 Branch Spring Dinner
May 11 Luncheon
June 1 Luncheon -  Lena Beliveau, RMC Museum Curator
July 6 Luncheon - No Speaker
August 3 Luncheon - No Speaker
August 31 Summer BanYan
September 7 Luncheon
October 5 Luncheon
November 2 Luncheon - RMC Professor
December 7

Luncheon - Ken Watkins



  • December Luncheon will take place at the RMC Senior Staff Mess on Wednesday, 7 December 2016.  Meet for a drink in the bar at 12:00 and head into the dining room for lunch at about 12:30.  Dress will be Club Blazer and Tie, or equivalent. 

    After lunch, our speaker will be 11026 Ken Watkin.  His presentation is entitled: Fighting at the Legal Boundaries.  This presentation will provide an overview of an issue reported upon everyday in the news: “targeted killing and the fight against the Islamic State and al Qaeda. It will include a brief overview of the conflict in Syria, outline the legal criteria military forces have to apply when targeting members of organized armed groups, and discuss the controversy surrounding the collateral killing of civilians through “kinetic" means such as drone strikes.  The goal is to present the challenges facing Canadian military personnel when fighting in the complex counterinsurgency, counterterrorism and peace support operations operations of this century. 

    Brigadier General (Retired) Kenneth Watkin’s biography is attached.  Information about his latest book: Fighting at the Legal Boundaries: Controlling the Use of Force in Contemporary Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2016) is available at:


Public Lecture – Tuesday, 8 November 2016 to celebrate the 2016 Cowan Prize for Excellence in Research:

The Principal, Dr. Kowal, and the VP Research, Dr. Heffernan, take great pleasure in inviting all faculty, staff, students and friends of RMC to a public lecture to be given at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 8 November 2016 in Currie Hall by Drs. Richard Bathurst and Claude Tardif – the winners of the 2016 Cowan Prize for Excellence in Research. The title of Dr. Tardif’s talk will be “Mathematics and Electoral Reform” and the title of Dr. Bathurst’s talk will be “Adventures with Ziggurats, Plastic walls, Earthquakes, Polar bears and Tsunamis.”


"CONTACT!  UPLOAD” is a play representing struggles with PTSD.   

‎The play will be presented at HMCS Cataraqui, Sunday 18 Sep at 1600.  If you plan to attend please RSVP at

Please see the attached poster and please forward to all your friends. The OPI is Maj John de Boer, local 6463. (Parking on the parade square is approved for this event.)


Branch member Helga Grodinski paddles the Chasse galerie 2016 - help her meet her fundraising goal!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our Summer Banyan is scheduled for 31 August at the Senior Staff Mess.  Please review then details in the attached document and contact Keith Orton to reserve a spot.

Summer Banyan

Wednesday 31 August, 2016

 Dress:         Casual

 Time:         1800 for 1900 hours at the Senior Staff Mess, RMC                                      

Dinner Menu:  

Choice of: Hamburger, Chicken burger or Veggie burger

Various salads                                                Corn on the cob

Assorted Desserts                                          Tea and Coffee

      The ticket price for this event will be $25.00 per person. Reservations can be made by contacting Keith Orton by phone at 613-384-6516 or by email at, by 28 August 2016 at the latest.

 Forward this completed form by post or email (e-mail preferred) followed by a cheque payable to “RMC Club Kingston Branch.”  No payments on the night of the dinner, please.


E-mail or Post to Keith Orton @:  or  1055 Wickham Circle, Kingston ON K7M 8T9

I will attend the 2016 Summer Banyan with (# Guests) ________                                                                                                                    @ $25 each, Total Cheque $ ___________

Name_______________________   Telephone_______________

College Number____________





Past Events - 2016:

Annual General Meeting

 Royal Military College Club
Kingston Branch
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
11 May 2016


3111 Dick Bohne 3235 Ronald Mann 3342 Craig Moffat
3646 Fred Simpkin 4328 Chris Carr 4459 Ed Murray
4815 Michael Jackson 4823 Archie Zagrodney 4824 John Tredenick
5244 Tony Downs 5256 Gwyn Griffith 5300 Robert Thomas
5611 Gerald Stowe 5780 Bernard Laliberté 3560 Jeremy Brown
5877 Ted Davie 6250 Louis Grimshaw 6588 Stephen Arnold
6910 Douglas Hamilton 7838 Henri Cardinal 8170 Keith Orton
8190 Don Timperon 8473 Alan Walker 10208 Cameron Carbert
11634 Bernard DeGagné 12190 Ross Lambert 13987 Bryan Bailey
15566 Helga Grodzinski A0167Bernard Hamel
G0146 Brigid Dooley-Tremblay G2642 Jenny Newton

Call to Order:

President Ted Davie called the meeting to order at 1315 hrs and welcomed branch members. He asked that the agenda be approved. Moved by Keith Orton and seconded by Ed Murray that the agenda as distributed be approved. Carried.


The minutes of the annual meeting held on 5 May 2015 had been distributed by email. A dozen paper copies were available. There being no problems noted in the previous minutes, Gwynn Griffith proposed, seconded by Stephen Arnold that the minutes be approved as read. Carried.

Item Arising from the Previous Minutes:

There were no items arising from the previous minutes.

Financial and Committee Reports:

Keith Orton, Treasurer, distributed copies of the financial report. They had also been sent to members by email before the meeting.

Book Award:
Bernie Laliberté, gave a brief review. This was followed by discussion.
• The supply of the Dawe/Chang book is dwindling but there are sufficient copies for this year;
• A suggestion was put forward that the Cadet Wing provide a cadet in full dress uniform to accompany the ex-cadet presenting the awards so as to make the presentation more contemporary to the recipients and classmates.
• Moved by Gerald Stowe and seconded by Douglas Hamilton that the Book Award program be continued. Carried.

Heritage :
Gwyn Griffith gave a report as to ongoing restauration the painting in Currie Hall as well as the scanning for safekeeping of documents, currently the Commandant`s reports. The scanning of the RMC yearbooks is almost complete.

RMC Museum:
Ed Murray gave an extensive report on the RMC Museum and heritage preservation projects:
• New Museum:
o Fort Frederick tower is too humid to preserve artifacts, they are being moved and stored pending a proper place to display
o Privately raised money is being sought through the Friends of Point Frederick to render the project independent of government grants that are always uncertain at best.
o A feasibility study is currently in progress as to the establishment of a museum and its location.
o The location of a possible new museum building is uncertain.

• Museum Web Site:
o A private web site, funded by the Friends of Point Frederick is up and running at:

• Aircraft Painting:
o The RCAF (8 Wing in Trenton) has accepted the responsibility to paint and restore the F-86 and CF-100. However no deadline has been provided for the completion of the work.
• Curator:
o Lena Beliveau has been selected as the curator for the RMC museum.

• MacKenzie Building Boards (Graduates):
o The multitude of boards displayed in MacKenzie Building has caused a lack of space. Some of the boards have been or will be moved to locations where they are more visible to the actual members of the Cadet Wing.
o The board listing the past CWCs has been moved to Yeo Hall
o Currie Hall painting refurbishment
• Fort Frederick:
o The cannons on the ramparts are going to be restored as part of the overall plan to restore all of Fort Frederick.

Branch Web Site:
• Reg Watts, who originated the web site and has maintained it over many years, gave a report
• Cam Carbert, as the proposed Director of Communications, will be assuming responsibility for communication within the Branch;
• Reg will continue as web master.
• Branch website:

It was moved by Archie Zagrodney and seconded by Michael Jackson that the reports of the committees, as described above, be accepted. Carried

PMC Presentation:
Helga Godzinski, the actual PMC made a presentation outlining the changes that have occurred and are in the works for the SSM.

A new mess manager has been hired, an individual with extensive civilian experience in working and managing restaurants and bars.
New bar hours are in effect with a TGIT and a TGIF.
The flow in and out of the kitchen at meal hours is being looked at with the objective of improvement.
The mess committee is composed of young energetic officers that want to make the mess more welcoming and active.
All Kingston Branch members automatically qualify to become Honorary members, without having to be sponsored or approved yearly by the mess members at an AGM. All that is required is to fill in the application and pay the $25.00 monthly dues.
TGIT are for members only and require prior reservation to ensure sufficient food is available.

Parent Club update:
Bryan Bailey give a report on the state of the parent club’s finances and initiatives:

The parent club is still experiencing annual deficits as it moves toward achieving a balanced budget.
The RMC Club has secured a discounted airfare from Porter Air (-10%);
Ontario will offer RMC plates for vehicles;
A new constitution will be presented for adoption;
A MOU has been signed between the Club and DND to involve ex-cadets in the recruiting of cadets.

Appreciation to the Commandant:

Ted expressed his appreciation for the Commandant’s interest in and support for the Branch. It was moved by Don Coulter and seconded by Keith Orton that Ted write to the Commandant expressing our appreciation for the use of College facilities. Carried.

President’s Remarks:

Ted spoke about the following:
• Participation:
o Ted informed the members that, as announced last year, he was retiring as president of the branch;
o Attempts to recruit a candidate for the function have been unsuccessful, so the Executive will operate without a president for the time being;
o As past president, Ted will take over the responsibility of coordinating guest speakers for the monthly luncheons;
o The secretary will now look after sending get well cards to members that suffer from illness or injuries as well as sympathy cards when required.
Brigid Dooley-Tremblay expressed the appreciation of the branch members for the work done by Ted during his tenure as president.

Remembrance of Fallen Comrades:

Ted asked all to rise for a minute of silence in memory of members who have died in the last year:

Election of Officers:

A slate of candidates was presented for consideration by the membership. The slate included:

 Past President: Ted Davie
 Vice president: Brigid Dooley-Tremblay
 Secretary: Henri Cardinal
 Treasurer: Keith Orton
 Director of Communications: Cam Carbert
 Web Master: Reg Watts
 Director of Member Relations: Jenny Newton
 Director of Book Awards: Bernie Laliberté
 Directors-at-Large: Bernie DeGagné, Ed Murray.

It was moved by Ed Murray and seconded by Tony Downs that the slate be accepted. Carried.


The president declared the meeting adjourned at 14:50.



This is not a Grand Theatre Presents performance.

 The Concert in Scarlets is an annual spring concert performed by the band of the Royal Military College.

The show features: brass and reeds, a stage band, pipes and drums, Highland dancers, and a choir, who will perform modern, traditional, military and highland music.

 Regina Rosen Auditorium, Grand Theatre

Tickets are $8.85 plus HST & handling fee ($13.40 total)

Performance Information


Grand Theatre, Regina Rosen Auditorium




March 09, 2016


february Luncheon:

The branch enjoyed bringing spouses and significant others to our annual Valentine's luncheon. A light served lunch was enjoyed by all before retiring to hear an exciting presentation and video from two cadets of the RMC Expedition Club. Also, two fourth year cadets joined us as guests and gave a brief outline of their careers to date.

Following the cadet presentation, Henri Cardinal presented the Expedition Club President with a cheque to support their activities.


january Luncheon:

Col Bruce Ewing gave a fascinating presentation on his assignment and the future plans for the Canadian Military Colleges. A copy of his PowerPoint presentation is available from Cameron Carbert.

At ease!