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Peter Wilson

Hundreds gathered at the Vimy Officers Mess on Monday, October6,  to celebrate the life and to mourn the passing of H2499 Lieutenant-Colonel W.H.T (Peter) Wilson, MBE. Many tributes to his life, accomplishments and character were offered by those who rose to bid him farewell, among those his son, Peter, who explained how his father came to be called "Peter." Following the tributes, family, friends and guests stayed to toast Peter farewell in the building he loved so well, where he was present at the original sod-turning and became one of those who shared the first drink on the site.




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Royal Roads Reunion 2008

Five branch members joined classmates, 36 in total, for the Royal Roads graduating class of 1958 reunion at the College, September 11-14, 2008. On parade were: Bill Claggett, Cal Connor, Wayne Wharton, Reg Watts and W4919, Betty Hunt. The marvellous events of the weekend will undoubtedly be recorded on the Class of 60 website, but to summarize briefly:

Thursday - A class meet-and-greet was attended by all and spouses, a noisy, fun filled re-joining, during which LGen. Kent Foster briefed us on the weekend events in detail and with great humour.

Friday - An amazing day aboard HMCS Ottawa, during which were treated to a tour of all spaces, provided an excellent lunch, and held on tight while the Captain demonstrated the ship's performance in combat. We were fascinated by the Sea King demonstrations and the man-overboard drill.     I think we all came away with renewed respect for our sea and air arms and the professionalism of our service men and women. Click for Sea King Slideshow

Saturday - the formal dinner and dance on the Quarterdeck reminded us all of the balls during our years at Roads.

Sunday was important with three events; the dedication of the Ship's mast, relocated to a special area near the vice-commandant's residence, dedication of the 2008 reunion stone memorial in front of Hatley Castle, and the completion of a precedent-setting "term circle" (See story below)




The Last Circle 

No circle is quite like that on the grounds of Royals Roads, which is neither round nor two-dimensional. The paved roadway from Hatley Castle to Grant and Nixon blocks is 1/3 of a mile in length, sloping steeply at each end and running the length of it in double-time was the standard form of punishment for miscreant cadets in the early days of the military college. Now, it is merely a curiosity with barricades to prevent through traffic. But on Sunday, September 14, 2008, the circle became a place of serious recollection to the 36 ex-cadets of the Royal Roads class of 1958 who returned for a weekend reunion.

4905 General Kent Foster called for the “marker” at 11:00am, 4956 Pete Rosewarn complied, the ex-cadets fell in, and the "term" was led by a local pipe band as they marched in formation, their last “term circle.”  Earlier, some had talked of running it but reason prevailed. As we marched, circle stories were recalled, like the time 4912 Larry Hamilton ran 52 consecutive circles in order to get shore leave the following weekend, and 4934 Lu Kuzych, known for bell-ringing during term circles, kept a log of every circle he was given, 373 in total, and 4916 Denis Hopkins, the only cadet to survive the year without ever incurring a “circle.” Coincidentally, this was the 58th term circle for the RR class of 58!

In our cadet days, the running of circles was closely monitored by the duty senior cadet, but not on this day; instead, standing firm and proud on the Castle steps,  Admiral John A. Charles, 90, our first year commandant, took the salute as the “junior term of ‘56” marched by. We were all moved by this wonderful gesture from a man who inspired us to develop teamwork, who remembered our names and still has a lively memory of those years. His princely manner, and warm “Morning, all” shaped every day of our recruit year, somehow giving meaning to the daily grind.

As we marched, the jocularity gave way to reflection and quiet.  And so the circle finished in less disarray than it began, but it was completed by all 35 ex-cadets, including 4887 Chip Comstock in his motorized wheelchair.

Now, Lu is able to make the last entry in his circle log.

4976 Watts, RM   -  RRClass of ‘58

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Executive Committee Meeting 8 October


This meeting centered on arrangements for the upcoming Fall Formal - dining-in night. (See "Events" for details and order form) Also discussed:

  •  Policy on guests at dining-in nights. As the main purpose of these events is to give Branch members and their spouses an opportunity to mix and mingle, the Committee decided to limit the number of guests to six per registered branch member attending, and the guest fee willl be $5.00 above the member price.

  • A request to fund college ties for RMC graduates was rejected.

  • A potential list of speakers for this season was discussed.

Executive Committee Meeting 17 April

The Branch Executive Committee met on Wednesday 17 April to finalize preparations for the Spring Dinner and to update several projects.

Birchall Leadership Award to Branch member Danny McLeod

Branch president, Ed Murray was pleased to remind us that  Danny McLeod has been awarded the Air Commodore Len Birchall Leadership Award to be presented to him at the Toronto Branch Leadership Dinner on November 23rd. General Rick Hillier was the guest speaker.

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Don Strong's 80th birthday swim!

To celebrate his 80th birthday, and show that he is still tougher than the rest of us, Don Strong swam from Wolfe Island to Kingston on 7 August.  The route was from the Wolfe Island winter ferry dock to the Vimy Officers' Mess "beach", a distance of over a mile in open water.  The attached photos verify that Don was certainly elated at the end of the swim!  Don is already planning the next swim in 5 years time.

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Local News- RMC and Kingston


Christie Blatchford comments on her book Fifteen Days at RMC

 KINGSTON, Ont.—  Christie Blatchford, columnist at the Globe & Mail and author of Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army read excerpts of her book at Currie Hall, Royal Military College (RMC), on  Monday November 26, 2007 before a large audience of staff, ex-cadets and guests. Her presentation was insightful and emotional at times as she described the positive attitude, demeanor and accomplishments of our troops in theatre.  After the reading, the author answered probing  questions from the audience, and  then signed copies of her book.

Christie Blatchford wrote her book Fifteen Days after spending several trips in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan embedded with Canadian soldiers. She also interviewed many family members in Canada. The book contains many descriptions of soldier’s stories, as well as the impact of these experiences on families and friends left behind._

Hockey Begins!

The RMC Paladins met the Queens Golden Gaels in their third exhibition game of the season on Saturday, 23 September at the Lou Jeffries Memorial Arena in Gananoque. Despite a strong showing, the Paladins lost, in a 4-1 fast-paced game. Let's get behind them folks, they've got big hearts and I may have been the only branch member there. Here is a link to their schedule. Click


Old Brigade Dinner

The ex-cadets of the classes entering the Colleges in 1957 were admitted to the Old Brigade at the formal dinner on Saturday, 29 September. Highlights were a drastically reduced presentation time, the visit of the RMC Commandant for the dinner, the recruit Old Brigade "skit"-singsong  in which all joined in, and the piping of the Old Brigade following dinner to the Scottish dancing display in the SAM. Click on the photo below for a short slideshow of the occasion.




2006 Recruit Obstacle Race