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2131 BGen (ret’d) George Wattsford  - George celebrates his 99th birthday today, 14 August with family and friends. However he was not forgotten by the Branch. At the annual Banyan, a giant birthday card was signed by Branch members, and on Friday, the card and a "Lucky Plant" were presented to George by Branch members, Bob Billings, Danny McLeod and Reg Watts with best wishes from "the whole bunch." George was surprised and delighted and went on to regale us with stories of cadet life (especially boxing) and his last act in combat. That day George went head-head with a German tank, and for the rest of the story you will have to stay tuned to the Anecdotes section of our History Tab. See photos of the "tankers" below:



Check out slide two where he is referred to as  "a veteran"



Race Across America -Tony OKeeffe


If you want to follow Tony O'Keeffe's progress, click on:

He is Racing in the RAAM, SOLO division.


RMC Inaugurates a Permanent Exhibit of Oil Painting Depicting Canadian War Memorials
A permanent exhibition, featuring some 31 oil paintings of Canadian War Memorials by the Montreal based artist, Mr. F.A. (Tex) Dawson, has been installed at the Royal Military College of Canada.

The artist, Mr. F.A. (Tex) Dawson, is a veteran of the Second World War who saw action in North-West Europe with the 7th Medium Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery. When the year 2005 was declared, “The Year of the Veteran,” he was inspired to create these ‘memorials in oil on canvas’ as his personal tribute to the event and as a commemoration of the wartime sacrifices made by Canadians.

In thanking the artist, Dr Jack Pike pointed out that the exhibition in the open area, draws out the meaning sacrifice and service highlighted in the dedication plaques of Currie Hall to future generations of cadets.



Change of Command Parade

Over 800 redcoats and others on parade, Sir! Sunday's parade was a remarkeable demonstration by the cadet wing. The reviewing dignitary was the mayor of Kingston, Mayor Rosen, also on Parade was MGen Gosselin and Base Commander Col. Fawcett. The awards ceremonies included presentation of the Frigate Bell, a dozen CD's, certificate of merit, and a cheque to the Mayor. For more details, check eVeritas.

Change of Command

Click on photo for COC Slideshow

It was a hot sunny Friday morning, July 17 for the change in command ceremony between

Brigadier-General T.J. Lawson, OMM, CD and  Commodore W.S. Truelove, OMM, CD. Nearly 200 RMC cadets were on parade as was the band of the Canadian Sea Cadets. The Presiding Officer was Major-General J.P.Y.P Gosselin, CMM, CD.

BG Lawson spoke about his extreme delight in commanding RMC, and explained to cadets and guests that RMC was fortunate to have the three fundamental elements of an excellent military college; a high standard of enthusiastic cadets, a dedicated civilian and military staff, and a committed command structure to support and promote the College's interests. MG Gosselin thanked the outgoing Commandant for the College's advancement under his command and welcomed Commodore Truelove, who in turn addressed the assembly and declared his delight at the appointment.

An Air Force "fast mover" saluted the parade with a low pass at the culmination of the Cadet body's advance in review order, and the guests welcomed  Commodore Truelove at a reception in the SSM following the departure of BG Lawson.




Royal Roads - Class of 57-61 Slideshow


Branch members of RR origin, class entering 1957, were entertained on October 21 in the Coggins club by a presentation from Digger MacDougall. Starting with a government recruiting video, which looks like it was filmed in the 70's, he went on to show 40 minutes or so of 8mm footage  which he took while at the College, at RMC, and that era. Those present had a rare treat in seeing themselves and others in the movie, but we were all wondering why Digger wasn't in his flight during those parade shots! Especially moving was the graduation parade and ceremony. For further info, contact Digger at the Ottawa Branch.



Book Award Program


In order to ensure that the RMC Kingston Branch's Book Award Program will meet the goal of encouraging students from local high schools to apply for RMC, and at the same time raise the profile of the College, a committee (John Cowan, Barry Winfield, Reg Watts, Andre Labrie) under VP Phil Antonsen met on October 20 to revamp the program and make it more effective. The committee sought the active input of 15992 Andre Labrie, Superintendent of Education, Human Resources and Information Technology, Limestone District School Board. Changes will be announced soon, interested members should contact the program director Phil Antonsen directly.



Debbie Piers Memorial - Report by Andrew Robb

"When we were in Nova Scotia in May we drove through Chester and found that a memorial has been erected for Debbie Piers who was Commandant during some of our years at the College (1957-60). The memorial is located on the shore overlooking Chester Harbour."


Past President Murray Strikes it lucky!                            

Ed Murray made the Sports page of the Whig Standard last week with a remarkable golf accomplishment - 2 holes-in-one in eight days. Ed's interview with local TV staff will appear tonight (August 6) - watch for it.

Supposedly witnessed by reliable persons, this feat is not the first for Ed, he has a previous hole-in-one bringing his total to three. Congratulations, Ed!


Ottawa Branch - Night At The Races


4976 Reg Watts and Patricia visited 4875 Mel Brown and Emily in Ottawa and attended the Ottawa Branch night at the races. A fine buffet dinner, fun at the track, disappointment in the Casino, but meeting some old friends was great! Shown below are 4891 Walt Cotie and Judy, Emily and Patricia who all got to start the opening race in the pace car!





















Ex-cadet Wins Queen's Award


Queen's University -  The Frank Knox award for excellence in teaching has been awarded to 6916 Rick Jackson. Rick previously won the Alumni Award for Excellence, the highest Queen's award based on both alumni and student nominations.



Remember the Golden Hawks?

As part of the celebration of 100 years of powered flight in Canada, an organization from Gatineau, Quebec called Vintage Wings of Canada brought a F-86 Sabre to flight standards and painted it in Golden Hawk (aerobatic team) colours. The aircraft will spend the year on flights across Canada to celebrate the Centennial event.  Courtesy - Dusty Miller





Letter From Australia


Just in case you were wondering what President Ed is up to, we have this untranslated report, direct from Down Under:


G'Day From from Gail and Ed Down Under. How ya goin"?

We were wakened this morning to the screeches of Gallahs and Cockies followed by the smashing and banging sounds of the garbo. It must be Wednesday. We rolled out of our swags and ambled slowly to the dunny. Gail's back was crook, and both of us had experienced a fitful sleep because the possums and bushrats were racing around in the crawl space above us. But brekky was beautiful – fresh eggs from the chooks. I said to Gail "You'll be right".

Gail's first task was to deliver tucker to the chooks, the trip to the coop being fraught with the danger (in Gail's mind) of meeting a brown or a tiger on the way over. Then she put in a wash, ever fearful of the redbacks and whitetails in the laundry. A few mates were coming for a swim and a barbie, the usual fare being heaps of snags for the blokes, prawns for the sheilas and a salad with rocket, beetroot and capsicum. A trip to Woolies and Big W was required to get the tucker, and we had time on the way back to stop at Vinnies and the Salvos to hunt for a bargain. Then Ed was off to the grog shop for a couple of slabs, a case of long necks and lots of bubbly. Getting organized had us working flat out like a lizard drinking.

Typically our guests, with cries of "how ya goin'", began arriving an hour late, the sheilas well turned out in frocks, and the blokes looking very Aussie in their wife beaters. But it didn't take long for them to change into bathers and sunnies, and load up on tinnies. Our friend Wine (Wayne) was celebrating a birthday, and observed on arrival "I'm drier than a dead dingo's donga" After a couple of hours he began acting a bit feral, a right larrikin, like he had a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock. Meanwhile the kids – kids come to all events in Oz – were into footy or cricket.

It was great party but, bloody hell, it was hot – 48C – such a hot arvo that the resident blue tongue didn't make an appearance and the mozzies must have had heat stroke. About 2200 amid crys of "Good on ya" the mob piled back in their utes, hopefully avoiding the wollopers and the hoons on the way home. I for one was cactus.

Well it's time to take Gemma to kindy and Lachlan to primary. It's another hot day
See Ya,  Gail and Ed


Visiting Library & Archives Canada (LAC), Ottawa

 Andrew Robb has recently used the Archives to conduct some interesting research. He has kindly written up the process, procedures and contacts which are contained in cthe attached document. (See link below) As this may be of ongoing interest, the link will be maintained on this site.

From Andrew: "I wanted to find out more information about two great uncles who served in World War I. I decided to see what was available through Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa. The following is what I learned and the steps taken in gaining access to the military files of the two soldiers.

To read the procedure, click on the button:

Research Procedure


Formation of Traditions Advisory Group

Branch President, Ed Murray has developed the following Branch initiative:


In communication with the Commandant, Ed expressed the following thoughts which were positively received:

"It is the desire of the members of the Kingston Branch of the Ex cadet Clubs to support the College to the best of its ability. This year the Branch has taken on upgrading the condition of the historical cadet files, over 700 of which have now been processed. I now wish to propose that the Kingston Branch become an active resource for you of RMC tradition and history.  

The turnover of College personnel makes maintaining a detailed knowledge of how things have been done in the past, or why they are done in a certain manner, difficult. Our membership embodies a wealth of knowledge of the past, including four past Commandants, two past Directors of Cadets and a past President of the Ex Cadet Clubs. The Branch membership has the talent respond to requests from the College for research into the historical roots of certain events and thus provide background for the customs of the College. The Branch could also, on its own, carry out research on College traditions and publish the results, thus making tradition more relevant to the younger generations of cadets and staff. The outcome of such activity would at the very least enrich the College through a better understanding its history."


Charlie Simonds has accepted temporary chairmanship of the group, and his tasks are:

  • To recruit members to participate in this work

  • To develop operating guidelines and terms of reference to be approved by the Branch Executive

  • To develop a short list of College traditions which may be on the "endangered" list


Anyone interested in this program should contact Charlie at:  or 613 353 7019



Mrs. Claire Winfield

We regretfully inform you of the unexpected passing of Mrs Claire     Winfield, beloved wife of Barry Winfield, on December 26th, 2008.
A service was held Saturday, 3rd of January, in Gananoque.
Barry's address is 1682 South Blvd., Kingston, K7L 4V1. Phone 613 547 3167
Kingston Branch Executive



2006 Recruit Obstacle Race