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The Soldier Book - "May the Healing Begin" - Click here

Excerpts from a letter from Walter Staples to all RMC Club Branches:

"Hello everyone:
The Department of National Defence (Personnel and Family Support Services) looked carefully at a book that I wrote recently -- titled, "May The Healing Begin" -- and decided to print 15,000 copies of it in both English and French. The main aim of the book is to help our soldiers deal with emotional challenges and scars from serving in a war zone (including PTSD), and in turn assist them in integrating back into society. The book is currently being given out at military bases across Canada to every Canadian soldier who has served on the front lines in Afghanistan. A pdf copy is attached FYI,
[Click here] . You will note inside the book an interesting testimonial from Don Cherry, as well as others from retired CF generals and other luminaries.

NOTE: I have 500-plus copies available of this "soldier book" -- in both English and French -- to give free to worthy "College" causes that support our troops. Please let me know if this is of interest to anyone -- either you or someone you know -- e.g. as a fund-raising tool ... each book could be sold for between $20 and $50. Many have sold for $100 (e.g. at a recent RMC Club of Toronto dinner)."

(Walter Doyle Staples - Class of 1966, College number
7067, RRMC)




A Special Gift For Danny McLeod


In the autumn of 1944, the Canadian 4th Armoured Division was busily clearing the Scheldt estuary in order to open the route to Amsterdam. Maj. McLeod recalls entering the Belgian town of Eeklo, enroute to Antwerp, the enemy were clearing out just ahead of the Canadian tanks, and the Belgian citizens were so grateful for their liberation that "they would give us anything..." But Danny's regiment, the South Alberta, pressed on and it wasn't until nearly 40 years later that he visited Eeklo again to find the citizens had erected monuments to the heroism of their Canadian liberators. Over the next few years, Danny visited Eeklo 15 times, for a special September liberation parade and ceremony organized by the several mayors and citizens of the town. At one time the veterans marched, but in later years they were carried in a group of restored World War 2 military vehicles, and this year, the Burgomeister of Eeklo sent Danny a copy of the special license plate issued for these vehicles, and the accompanying note. The plate clearly states:

"We remember our Canadian Liberators"

Danny feels that the important lesson for Canadians is that the sacrifices of our fallen in Europe are not forgotten, they are revered by Europeans, and should be by all Canadians as well. Lest we forget, let all Canadians remember the fallen in all wars on November 11th.







A Heritage Briefing For National Club Executive Committee


The RMC Club executive committeee was gracious in allowing the Kingston Branch to present an outline of Branch Heritage accomplishments and plans on October 1. The purpose was to create understanding of how Branch Heritage activities fit into the Club mission, our main goals, and obstacles. Commodore Ed Murray made the presentation flanked by Heritage Working Group leader Gwyn Griffith and Branch President Reg Watts. The details will be covered further in an upcoming article in VERITAS.



  • Matt Dawe Building Dedication


22596 Captain Matthew Jonathan Dawe                 Guard of Honour

  • On Thursday, October 7th, 2010, new living quarters at CF Base Kingston were dedicated to a fallen soldier of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan – 22596 Captain Matthew Jonathan Dawe, who died on July 4, 2007.

    The general public, base staff, members of the PPCLI, the Commandant and a squad of RMC cadets joined ex-cadets and the Dawe family at this unique building dedication ceremony. This event was notable as it is the first defence infrastructure named in honour of a soldier killed during operations in Afghanistan. Lt Col (ret'd) Peter Dawe thanked all present on behalf of the Dawe family for their support. The text of the base Chaplain's blessing - Click Here.


  • Lecture Report - Colonel Yoshitomi Nozomu of the Japanese Defence Academy  reported by Gwyn Griffith - Click Here
  • AGM - Click here

Reunion Weekend Events:

Obstacle Course Slideshow - Click on photo





Wall of Honour

An important event on the Reunion weekend was the addition of a new plate on the Wall of Honour in tribute to 4860 General John de Chastelain, Class of 1960.




Memorial Arch Parade - Click on Photo

At the head of the Sunday parade to the Memorial Arch ceremony was the class of 1960, followed by the new recruits to the OB, the Class of 1965.






Legacy Dinner

Sorry, no photos, but click here for the entire text of Senator Hugh Segal's outstanding address.


Arch Ceremony - 2010 Recruit Class:

Saturday, September 4, The recruit body marched through the Memorial Arch, and Commodore Truelove took the salute. The weather was glorious, a great turnout of proud parents and staff watched as the recruits looking very determined, marched off to the parade square to receive Cmdr Truelove's welcoming remarks.


Foundation News:

The Fondation Board is actively seeking a new Executive Vice President for the Foundation.

The Position Advertisement - Click here!

As this may be of interest to Branch members, here is a quote from the job specification:  

"The ideal candidate will:
 Be a graduate of one, and as such understand the role and culture, of the Canadian
Military Colleges;
 If not a CMC graduate, have served as a career Officer in the Canadian Forces and be
conversant with the role of the CMC’s;
 Be fluent, or at least conversant, in both English and French languages;
 Have experience in the conduct of fundraising programs in support of a not-for-profit
 Be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel and, if not already, be prepared to
become proficient with the Paradigm/Sage non-profit accounting software; and,
 Have the ability to manage, oversee and give direction to all facets of the Foundation’s

Contact information is in the position ad above.



2006 Recruit Obstacle Race