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Note From Joan Miller

The following note was received from Joan Miller, widow of 3155 Dusty Miller:

RMC Highlighted in Kingston Trolley Marketing

On a store front on Ontario Street, the route of the trolley is well-displayed, with a great photo of the College and highlights of the college grounds tour. We made #2 after the Kingston City Hall. Undoubtedly our Heritage team had an influence here.

The "hop-on, hop-off" concept is great, so RMCC should be getting more exposure this summer. Above is an interested 'tourist' who some of you may recognize.

Annual General Meeting Minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Branch took place at the Senior Staff Mess on Wednesday, 6 May, 2015. The minutes are:

Royal Military College Club, Kingston Branch
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
6 May 2015


5533 Allen, Glenn
5228 Antonsen, Phil
6588 Arnold, Stephen
13987 Bailey, Bryan
10208 Carbert, Cam
7838 Cardinal, Henri
RCNC280 Currie, Don
5877 Davie, Ted
G0146 Dooley-Tremblay, Brigid
5344 Downs, Tony 5256 Griffith, Gwyn (Griff)
6250 Grimshaw, Lou
4815 Jackson, Mike
2933 Lalonde, Maurice
7897 Langlois, Gilles
3235 Mann, Ron
S149 Milliken, Peter
3342 Moffatt, Craig
8851 Moyer, John
4459 Murray, Ed S125 Oliver, Bill
8170 Orton, Keith
2908 Pickering, Al
4370 Rayner, David
5207 Robb, Andrew
RRA29 Seath, Bill
5611 Stowe, Gerry
8473 Walker, Alan
4976 Watts, Reg

Call to Order:

President Ted Davie called the meeting to order at 1310 hrs and welcomed branch members. He asked that the agenda be approved. Moved by Ed Murray and seconded by Reg Watts that the agenda as distributed be approved. Carried.


The minutes of the annual meeting held on 7 May 2014 had been distributed by email. The following errors were noted:
• There was some redundancy on pages three and four; to be corrected
• Ted Davie’s name was misspelled in one place;
• Brigid Dooley-Tremblay’s name was misspelled.
Moved by Keith Orton, seconded by Al Pickering that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Carried.

Item Arising from the Previous Minutes:

Ted commented on the following items:
• Branch relationship with the Senior Staff Mess:
o Our needs for 2015-16 have been communicated to the mess manager and include our monthly meetings and a date for the summer BBQ only (27 August in 2015);
• Trophy in honour of the late Danny McLeod:
o Bill Oliver pointed out that there is already a trophy in Danny’s name presented to a hockey player on the RMC team;
o Moved by Griff Griffith and seconded by Mike Jackson that the Branch drop the idea of an additional trophy;
• Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Memorial Arch:
o Traditionally a wreath has been presented on behalf of the RMC Club of Canada in memory of ex-cadets killed in combat and on military service; the presenter was usually the president of the Kingston Branch;
o In recent years there has been some confusion over this presentation;
o This has now been clarified and it is expected that the previous participation arrangement will be restored;
o Moved by Reg Watts and seconded by Gerry Stowe that the president of the Kingston Branch lay the wreath on behalf of the RMC Club of Canada. Carried

Financial and Committee Reports:

Keith Orton, Treasurer, distributed copies of the financial report. They had also been sent to members by email before the meeting.
• Keith explained the entries and any differences from 2014;
• Revenue may have been impacted by the Branch cancelling one social event in the fall of 2014;
• The Branch returned $1,500 of our dues allocation to the parent club to help it with its deficit;
• The fiscal year end was changed to 31 December;
• For the year 2015, there was a deficit of $93.34;
• The balance at the end of the year was $11,816.26.

Book Award:
In the absence of Bernie Laliberté, Ted gave a brief review. This was followed by discussion.
• The supply of the Dawe/Chang book is dwindling but there are sufficient copies for this year;
• Dr. John Cowan has been underwriting the cost of the RMC scarves;
• The cost of the books is $40/copy; Keith advised that the program costs about $1,000/year plus the cost of the scarves (about $350);
• Moved by Griff Griffith and seconded by Keith Orton that the Branch conduct a survey of current cadets from the Branch’s area of influence to find what influenced them in their decisions to attend RMC; Defeated.
o During the discussion of this motion, Mike Jackson volunteered to conduct the survey; it was agreed Mike could undertake actions to determine the effectiveness of the program in influencing students to attend RMC;
• Moved by Gilles Langlois and seconded by Gerry Stowe that the Book Award program be continued. Carried.
• Members were asked to make donations to the Branch to keep the program solvent.

Heritage and the RMC Museum:
Ed Murray gave an extensive report on the RMC Museum and heritage preservation projects:
• New Museum:
o Fort Frederick tower is unsuitable in its present condition; 2015 will be the last year that it will be used as part of the museum;
o Heritage Canada has committed to funds over 20 years to rehabilitated Fort Frederick to a standard worthy of a UNESCO World Heritage Site;
o There has been a grant of $30,000 by the Federal government to the Friends of Point Frederick to conduct a study by an experienced museum architect to produce a detail plan and estimate costs which will be used to solicit donations;
o The location of a possible new museum building is uncertain.
• Scanning Heritage Documents:
o The scanning obstacles have been overcome;
o Andrew Robb will be leading the project and will train volunteers who include Cam Carbert, Gord Epema and Griff Griffith starting in June;
• Currie Building Architectural Painting:
o The work completed to date is exquisite;
o Ceiling painting and highlighting stages are complete from the entry hall to the Baronial Hall on the second level; these have been funded by the Class of 1961;
o Work will resume in the fall on additional stages;
o The refurbishment of the decorative painting in Currie Hall must wait until the roof if repaired;
• Museum Web Site:
o A private web site, separate from the DND and the government, is underway and will be administered by the Heritage and Museum Committee;
o This will be a long process;
• Aircraft Painting:
o The project is now in the hands of the Commandant;
o Private financing sources had been arranged but they were not accepted;
o It is hoped that the RCAF (8 Wing in Trenton) will pay for the painting;
• Curator:
o Ross McKenzie retired in 2014; so far there has been no competition to replace him; he is currently working three days a week as a casual employee;
o Lena Beliveau is now running the museum, doing an excellent job and is paid by the Friends of Point Frederick (private funding foundation supported by ex-cadets);

• Wish List:
o New museum building
o New web site
o Currie Hall painting refurbishment
• Other mentions:
o Senate Room refurbishment;
o Three notable paintings owned by the college;
o Gun Wheels, originally donated by Britt Smith and previously hanging in the SSM bar, have been relocated to the Advanced Military Studies (Army Tech Staff Course) building;
o Dr. Ron Haycock made an interesting presentation on the Canadian Flag on ‘Flag Day’;
o In eVeritas there are two interesting articles by Frank Norman on the contribution of ex-cadets during the First World War.

Branch Web Site:
• Reg Watts, who originated the web site and has maintained it over many years, gave a report
• Cam Carbert, as the proposed Director of Communications, will be assuming responsibility for communication within the Branch;
• Reg will continue as web master.

It was moved and seconded that the reports of the committees, as described above, be accepted. Carried

Appreciation to the Commandant:

Ted expressed his appreciation for the Commandant’s interest in and support for the Branch. It was moved by Keith Orton and seconded by Tony Downs that Ted write to the Commandant expressing our appreciation for the use of College facilities. Carried.

President’s Remarks:

Ted spoke about the following:
• Participation:
o Ted explained how he has tried to get younger College graduates to the involved with the branch; this emphasis has been directed toward everyone who has attended the College in any of its programs; many of these people are designated by a letter preceding their College numbers;
o He suggested that we start referring to the entire cohort of attendees/graduates as “alumni/alumnae” rather than ex-cadets;
o He noted that more work needs to be done to encourage the involvement of alums who are on the College staff;
o The Branch will fade away if we are unable to attract younger members and those of both genders;
• Social Events:
o Participation has been down;
o It was necessary to cancel the fall dinner in 2014;
o We adopted a new format and venue for the spring dinner in 2015 but participation was still down; the event itself was considered a success.

Remembrance of Fallen Comrades:

Ted asked all to rise for a minute of silence in memory of embers who have died in the last year:
• A118 Ray Dignum
• 4429 Bill Urie
• 3155 Don (Dusty) Miller
• 4463 George Vrana

Current Executive:

Ted expressed appreciation of the members of the current executive.

Election of Officers:

Ted explained the situation regarding the health of our current vice president, Chris Carr and asked that all members keep Chris in their prayers as he undergoes treatment for cancer. Under other circumstances, Chris would have moved up to president. Ted approached other possible candidates but without success to date. He agreed to continue until a new VP is found.

A slate of candidates was presented for consideration by the membership. The slate included:

 President: Ted Davie
 Vice president: Chris Carr
 Secretary: Henri Cardinal
 Treasurer: Keith Orton
 Director of Communications: Cam Carbert
 Web Master: Reg Watts
 Directors-at-Large: Brigid Dooley Tremblay, Bernie DeGagne, Ed Murray & Griff Griffith

It was moved by Ed Murray and seconded by Bill Oliver that the slate be accepted. Carried.


The president declared the meeting adjourned at 14:15.



3155 Donald (Dusty) Miller

March 6, 2015 -  It is with great sadness that the family announces the passing of Donald (Dusty) Miller. Dusty pursued his passion for aircraft, engineering, and flight throughout his life: first as an RCAF F-86 Sabre fighter pilot and then in his long career in international sales with Pratt & Whitney Canada. In 2001, he was honoured with the Santos Dumont Lifetime Achievement Award from the Ambassador of Brazil for his work with the Embraer aircraft program. His life was greatly enriched by the lasting friendships he enjoyed as a RMC and Queen’s University alumnus and as a SPAADS (Sabre Pilots Association) member. Dusty was active throughout his entire life, happiest when he was playing tennis, cycling, sailing, and skiing, but he most cherished spending time with family and friends, especially at Cartwright Point. According to Dusty’s wishes, there will not be a visitation or service.

4429 William Arthur (Bill) Urie

Bill died on Friday, January 30, 2015.

Visitation is at the Gordon F Tompkins Funeral Home, 435 Davis Drive, Kingston (Township Chapel) from 1500 to 1900 on Monday, February 2nd.

The funeral service is at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, 490 Days Road, Kingston at 1100 on Tuesday, February 3rd.

Bill's obituary is on the Gordon F Tompkins Funeral Homes Township Chapel web page and we believe there will be publication in the Whig-Standard on Monday, February 2nd.

Ray Dignum

DIGNUM, Raymond - It is with great sadness that the family of Raymond Dignum announce his peaceful passing at 81 years of age on Sunday, January 11, 2015. Beloved partner of Sheila Pullen. He was predeceased by his second wife Stefania. He was the loving father of Denise Dignum (Don), Danielle Burelle (Roger), Colin Dignum (Tracy), Alain Dignum (Myrna) and Louise Dignum (Ian). Ray dearly loved his eight grandchildren. Ray’s work with RMC spanned many years (1959-1994). He was a man of integrity and a hardworking and dedicated civil servant. Ray was very proud of his involvement with the PWOR spanning 50 years and served as commanding officer (1969-1972). A Memorial Visitation was held at JAMES REID FUNERAL HOME , January 17, 2015. A private inurnment will be held at Cataraqui Cemetery at a later date. As expressions of sympathy and in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions to the Kingston Humane Society will be appreciated by the family.

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There are some interesting hockey games coming up for the RMC team, and opportunities for Club members to support them:

 1.    West Point - Buses. In the past busses have been organized and as it seems that the event is of interest to several in our group. If anyone is interested, please advise Chris Carr as he is trying to find out details of any possible transportation. - Jan 24. 

2.    West Point - TV   The RMCC/USMA hockey game will be streamed on the website below on Saturday, January 24 at 7:05 pm.
Some of the Kingston Branch members might be interested in watching it for $10. (This is a paid subscription site.)

3.    The Carr-Harris  RMCC vs. Queens

The Carr–Harris Challenge Cup hockey game between Queens and RMC at the Rogers K-Rock Centre is at 7:30 p.m. on 5 February. $10.  tickets available at the Rogers K-Rock Centre or online at:


2006 Recruit Obstacle Race











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