Branch Events - 2017/2018

Suggestions are welcome for the 2017 speaker schedule.

Dates beyond April are tentative and will be amended as necessary.

2017 Event
January 11 Luncheon - Jenny Newton
February 8 Valentine Luncheon with partners
March 1

Luncheon - Digger MacDougall

March 15 Luncheon - Strategic Renewal - Josee Friel of SLC to brief on Branch social media project
April 5 Luncheon - Susan Zambonin, CEO, Habitat for Humanity
April 21

Spring Dinner Vimy Mess - Guest Speaker Sophie Kiwala MLA Kingston & The Islands

May 3
June 7 Luncheon - Mayor of Kingston Bryan Paterson
September 6
October 4
November 1
December 6


11 January Luncheon-Jenny Newton

At the 11 January luncheon Jenny Newton gave a really interesting presentation on her career, and her circuitous route to membership in the RMC Club.  In setting out a dogged determination to lead, and serve society both as a police officer and a member of the Canadian Forces, that journey also traced its way through many of the social changes that have occurred in Canadian society over the past 30 years.  Confronted with rejection based on gender (military) and height (police force) Jenny highlighted how she overcame those obstacles, and proved that not hiring people because of those factors was both wrong and unfair. By force of will and plain hard work she went on to become a detective in the Toronto police, and rise through the ranks of the military from private to Lieutenant-Colonel, serving as the Commanding Officer of the 23 (Hamilton) Service Battalion.  While doing all of this she also managed to raise a family and advance her education. Juggling these many responsibilities Jenny completed her Bachelor of Business Management at Ryerson University in 1988 and graduated in 2012 with a Master of Arts in Security and Defence Management and Policy from Royal Military College.  Much of this academic work was done part time and as “distance learning”. This presentation provided excellent insight into the diverse background and considerable talent of our fellow alumni in the RMC Club.

Jenny Newton's full biography is attached here
Valentine's Luncheon February 8 2017 

The Valentine’s Day luncheon was a great success with 43 participants.  MGen (Ret’d) Frank Norman was the luncheon speaker.  He presented a very interesting update on the proposed RMC museum, and outlined many of the historical paintings and artifacts present in the Senior Staff Mess.  The SSM provided an excellent meal complete with a heart shaped design in the soup.  Keith Orton added to the “valentine” atmosphere with heart shaped chocolates at each of the place settings.  

March Luncheon  1 March 2017  The March RMC Club Kingston Branch Luncheon took place as planned and featured Bob "Digger" MacDougall, President of the Ottawa Branch.

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